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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You know when you just know? It seems like everything just falls in line. We love making candles at LumaLux, and just know that our products are going to add something beautiful to your day. That is it, our one simple goal.

We load our candles with all-natural essential oils, way more than other makers do. The result is a long burning, incredible smelling candle. Our oils are produced in our own backyard, and we can rely on the quality. We know that what is provided to you is the best candle possible.

100% nontoxic soy wax, that is produced in the US. We love to support our global family and are careful to know about the impact we are making on the rest of the world. For that reason, we do not purchase products with palm oil (it is everywhere) and we are not supporting coconut wax. So far there is no evidence that coconut wax production is affecting the environment the way palm oil does, but there is evidence of indigenous plants going extinct or nearly from the loss of habitat to make way for this production. For that reason, we do not touch it, until we know the true impact.

All our candles are made in small batches, this allows for a certain quality that you can only find in handmade candles. Each candle is lovingly hand poured, almost like we are drawing energy from within, and sending it to the candle, to then send to you.

Our large candles come with natural crystals that reveal as you burn down the candle. When hand pouring the candle, and it is time to place the crystals, a little prayer is said over them. They are then placed, and the prayer is sealed in wax until you release it. We have no idea what crystals will be sent to you when we pack them, it is in the universes hands to decide which ones you need. Could be rose quartz, amethyst, blue quartz, emerald, and more.

Thank you for the opportunity to do something we love, we are looking forward to many years, and many candles. We have an awesome new candle coming out in July! Makes us want hotdogs real bad...

How does it glow from the inside like that?

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