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LumaLux Candle Company

Handmade Candles, Astrological Journals, Small Batch Scents and Oils

Our candles, journals, and scents come from the soul, and help you make the connection you are seeking to yours.  All of our products are carefully made with love and it is our wish that they bring you joy, peace, rest and balance.

Floral Candles in a setting of crystals and flowers
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LumaLux Candle Company

LumaLux Company is here to provide products that will elevate your life experience. Our handmade crystal candles are highly scented, made in small batches, and come with a crystal gift as they burn down. Our astrological journals will help you script, and manifest as you write down your goals and dreams. Use them to track what is happening in your life during the marked moon phases and planetary transits to help you prepare for the ebb of life on this planet. Our scents and oils come straight from mother nature herself, made in small batches through distillery and enfleurage. These products make excellent gifts, and are made with love.

Blue floral candle set in amethyst crystals

Crystal Pyramid Candles

Pink floral candle, sey with glitter candle and crystal table setting
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